Saturday, 19 November 2011 09:33

Am I Bankrupt Forever?

hi i was made bankrupt in 2008 and given a repayment order of £400pm for 3 years after 4 payments my income dropped to such a level that the receivers closed my file

Their question: my question is where do i stand am i bankrupt forever had nothing back from the receivers.any answer would help greatly thanks
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bankrupt on 31.07.2009.
no longer showing on register or within last 6 months. discharged after 1 year.

Their question: I have an inheritance from my parents deaths in april & may 2011. Can anyone claim against this.
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Tuesday, 15 November 2011 11:55

How Can I Have A CCJ Removed?

I was made bankrupt aprox 5 years a go

Their question: I have been informed by somone carrying out a credit check that I have a CCJ registered against me at Kingston Upon Hull for a large sum of money. I have never borrowed or had any credit whatsoever since my Bankruptcy order and would like to know how I can have this CCJ removed from my file as this is the reason I went bankrupt.
Many thanks
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Hi. Can you tell me if I have to write any letters to credit agencies after discharging? or just put certificate into an envelope and post it?
Also, if you know, can you get agencies correct addresses where I have to send certifactes?
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Wednesday, 09 November 2011 10:25

Can I Claim Back PPI After Bankruptcy?


I Declared myself bankrupt in 2008 and was discharged the same year. I had no assets etc and there was no payment schedule after the bankruptcy.

Their question: Some of my credit cards and loans had PPI on them. Can I claim this back? If my claim is successful would I get the money or would the banks? Thank you
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Wednesday, 02 November 2011 11:52

How Can I Have Bankruptcy Wiped Off My Credit?

I filed for bankruptcy in June 2005 and was discharged in June 2006

Their question: can this now be wiped from my credit reports, if so, how do I go about doing this?
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Thursday, 20 October 2011 20:06

Can I Get A Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

Recently my bankruptcy has come to the end as i passed 12 months since i was declared as a bankrupt. Me and my partner planing to get morgage can you please tell me if is any chances for us to get one if not can you please let me know how long do we have to wait to apply for one . Many Thanks for any help.
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Bankruptcy Order 13 June 2006
Discharge 10 January 2007

I am a Co-operative Bank customer. I had a bank review in August 2011. I have been banking with them since 2006. At the review I alerted the advisor that I had previously been made bankrupt, but that I couldn't recall the date right then and there. The advisor said that there was no Bankruptcy showing on my account. Upon his advice, the advisor applied for a current account and credit card during this review. Both applications were accepted and are now in use.

Their question: At the beginning of October I started my second year of a 3 yr part time MA. I intended to pay for the remainder of the course with a Professional and Career Development Loan. I came to this decision after the August Review because I had succeeded in gaining a current account and credit card - which suggested to me that I was able to pass credit checks now. Today I phoned the bank in regards to a few questions on the PCDL application form. One question asked how long I had been with the Co-op Bank. I gave the PCDL advisor my current account details. The advisor then told me that the Bankruptcy is still showing as 'a note on the system' and that I should not apply for a PCDL. I then went to the branch where my review took place to ask them what was going on. They advised that I should probably not have been given the new account and credit card, and that if they look into it further after today's phone call, I may be forced to close them in the future.
1. Am I allowed to apply for a Professional and Career Development Loan?
2. What is the risk of applying if I do not get it?
3. Can they close the current account and take away the credit card, even though I was advised by the bank to apply for them, and I passed the credit checks?
4. If I am not eligible for the PCDL what other loan/ course funding options do I have?
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l went bankrupt in 25/09/2006
it was close in 25 april 2007

Their question: how long will be on my credit file for please
Saturday, 08 October 2011 08:41

Where Do I Send My Notice Of Discharge?

What after bankrupcy?

Their question: I was discharged week ago but still don't know where to send certification of discharging? Do my bank need it? Do I have to send any copies to credit agencies?
Will I be checked in the future or can I feel free now?
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