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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 04:35

How Can I Get A Copy Of My Discharge Notice?

I was declared bankrupt in 2002. I cant find any paper work anymore and need to find it for credit referene agency and bank as I have a credit card that is still on my account from 2002 it needs taking off as i was bankrupt at this time
Published in After Bankruptcy
Friday, 21 June 2013 08:06

Once I Go Bankrupt What Happens?

Once I go bankrupt what happens next?
Friday, 10 May 2013 07:01

Can I Go To Jail If I Go Bankrpt?

I have read on your forum about people being sentenced to jail for going bankrupt and I am worried about this as I am about to be declared bankrupt.
Published in Fraud
Friday, 28 September 2012 19:48

How Will It Affect Me If My Ex Goes Bankrupt?

My daughters soon to be ex husband has decided to declair himself bankrupt he has personal debts and also have joint debts , My daughter has 2 children and is on benefits .

Yourquestion:   How will this affect my daughter will she be responsible for all the debts
Published in Spouse or Partner
My boyfriend was declared bankrupt last July 2011, we have been together just over two years and i did not know his situation until he was delayed bankrupt..

He did not know it was that serious or that he was going bankrupt and was all done prior to him receiving paperwork, admit he did get behind with self assessments.

Yourquestion:   My boyfriend gave me money before he was bankrupt of which i paid towards my mortgage, it was his way of contributing. His trustees are now onto me for the money back, but i did not know he was going bankrupt and accepted the money unaware. I know do not have the money and am concerned what they will do. I have completed a means statement for them?

Many thanks
I was declarred bankrupt  at Boston County court  in Lincolnshire as a sole trader after a building contractor went bankrupt himself and could not pay me a penny. This was just over 5 years ago. I was given a referance number at court and this was given to my creditors. I have recieved a letter this week from a company  whom I owed money to demanding payment in full within 7 days, or the balliffs are coming round!

Yourquestion:   How could I obtain my bankrupcy ref number from 5 years ago? Thanks
Joint ownership of a property in negagtive equity of 25K. Where one person is declaring themselves bankrupt

Yourquestion:   I own a rented flat with an ex-friend who is declaring himself bankrupt. The flat has negative equity of about 25k. We are both on the mortgage. I am willing to take on the property and it recives a rental amount pcm which nearly covers the mortgage repayments. My question is will the mortgage company allow me to do this once the other person on the mortgage is declared bankrupt (I would not be able to remortgage.)
Published in Property UK
hi, i was declared bankrupt oct last year, my friends know i,m going through a rough time as i lost my job also, is a friend allowed to put some money into my bank account to help me out? not a large sum maybe a £1000 to help me until i,m back on my feet,

Sunday, 29 April 2012 05:33

Can You Declare Yourself Bankrupt Twice?

Hi , I declared myself bankrupt in 2000 with debts of over £50K and discharged in 2003 , after being discharged it took over six years for me to obtain any credit , unfortunately recently I have run up a lot of debt again and struggling to pay with over £43K of unsecured debt.

Can you declare yourself bankrupt twice , reason I ask is because I am sure the first time I went bankrupt I was told if you did it again you could face prison , is this true , I am really worried.

i was declared bankrupt oct11th 2011 due to a fall in jan 2011 i lost my job and had to go bankrupt

Yourquestion:   i am about to recieve an interim payement of £6000 for loss of earnings but i did not declare any personal claim in my bankruptcy as i had no idea how many years or how long or if i would get anything. i have to go back and see an orthopaedic surgeon in a years time so at the least my claim will be sorted in 2 years time, i,ve opened an account with no credit checks basically just to cash the check as i owe it all out, it states in law guides that i dont have to tell the OR when opening a bank account, and my bankrupcy will be over in 6 months time,
please advise am i doing anything wrong.
Published in Fraud
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