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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 08:17

Will I Go To Prison From My Debts?

I am in a huge amount of debt and am worried that if I go bankrupt I may go to prison.  I continued to take out loans and credit cards even after I knew I couldn’t repay the accounts.  I was using new credit to pay the old loans and am worried they will take me to court over this.
i was made bankrupt in may 2009, subject to a 12 months bankruptcy. I have had BRO put in place for 9 years

Yourquestion:   what i would like to know is am i actually disharged from my bankruptcy or does a BRO mean that i am still technically bankrupt?
I have been advised to go bankrupt and need to protect a property I have. I want to transfer the property to my family so it does not get taken in the bankruptcy.  The property is all I have for my family and worth a few so how do I do this?
Published in Fraud
Wednesday, 23 November 2011 18:24

What Happens If I Go Bankrupt Again?

i have been bankrupt 4 years ago i was given wrong advice cannot contact that person now i did not disclose a bank account i have also taken a loan out on that account over 4 years have 7 months left to pay on it but now find my self out of work and really struggleing i have never had any assets

Their question: what will happen if i go bankrupt again to me
Sunday, 20 November 2011 12:07

Can I Go Bankrupt With Gambling Debt?

am 37 and have had problems with debt since 18

Their question: i am thinking of going bankrupt as i owe approx 20,000 unsecured .can i still go bankrupt as i have been gambling online for the past 12 months and will they make me sell my house as it is in negative equity of approx 10,000
I was declared bankrupt in april 2005 at southend county court. I was discharged in 2006 but was santioned to bankruptcy restricition order for four years, which is due to end in 2010. My main bankruptcy was taken off my credit file in the month of april 2011.

Their question: I would like my file to have no bankruptcy entries in it at all, especially that i have served the full six years of the main bankruptcy, and also my bankruptcy restriction order. Unfortuntely my file still displays the restrictions as they were entered in on april 2006. Can i get the restricitons off my file now because i am clearly not under them? Many thanks for your help
will I receive a restriction order if I go bankrupt
Tuesday, 31 May 2011 19:42

Can I Be Sent To Prison For My Debts?

Advised to go bankrupt but have been recently been usingmy credit lines to live off of  worried I may be in violation of some rule and go to prison
Friday, 20 May 2011 14:34

Would I Receive A Restriction Order?

6 months ago I took a redundancy package from my employer which was approx 1 years salary, I was convinced I would get into a job quickly but personal circumstances prevented this. 6 months on and the money has nearly all gone, I am in a dmp and as we have a very low income mostly made up of benefits I am trying to consider options. The total debt is about 48000 and the dmp has been going for 2 and a bit years I have maintained the same payments as whn I worked.

Their question: What would I face as a restriction or prosecution if I declare bankruptcy now or should I try and hold on for another 6 months. This will be hard but with family help I may be able to do It. I really need help and the only concern I would have is reading about people being sent to prison for spending money before going bankrupt, some if the money went on debts and some went on home furniture which was needed. Nothing expensive or luxury type items have been bought and I still have my banger of a car which is 10 years old. The dmp is set high due to the debt and I honestly have tried everything possible, atbthe moment my mother I. Law is helping as my daughter is now also expecting a baby bit of a mess really I guess, I just need some advice form an expert as I would nit want to go to jail for something I have nit intentionally done
Due to be discharged in 1month.. not in any payment plan due to being unemployed.. have complied fully with the OR over the past year of bankruptcy

Their question: What is the likelyhood that there would be restrictions placed on me when i become discharged due to any of the above information
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