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Monday, 22 November 2010 16:03

Can Catalog Debts Be Included In Bankruptcy?

Written by  Jon
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I have council tax arrears, catalogue and store card debt

My daughter just got a new house so i wanted to give her a gift, the only way i could do this was to order from my catalogue, i got her a laptop which was £699 and have been paying it for a couple of weeks, but i have decided to go bankrupt due to a large debt belonging to my ex husband (the debt landed on me) my question is will my catalogues be cleared in the bankruptcy and is there any risk of being done for fraud getting items so soon before i go bankrupt?


All your unsecured debts will be included in the bankruptcy, including the catalogs.

If the receiver was to look closely at your bankruptcy they may view the purchases prior to going bankrupt.

Using credit and going bankrupt so soon after wards an be seen as misuse of creditor, as to if the receiver would look at this and issue a restriction order I cannot say.

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