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Sunday, 31 January 2010 14:02

Where Do I Get a Copy of My Certificate of Discharge for My Bankruptcy?

Written by  Jon
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I am a discharged bankrupt but require a copy of the certificate from the Reciver. However, I do not know who the receiver was - I went to court in Milton Keynes 6 years ago.


Your situation is not unusual. Ironically no formal certificate of discharge is issued by the receiver or the court. If you need a hardcopy of a certificate of discharge you will need to apply to the court where you went bankrupt and pay for a formal copy of a certificate of discharge.

If you happened to have gone bankrupt before 1 April 2004 the official receiver must be contacted by the court to determine if you are eligible for a discharge.

In cases where the bankruptcy order was made after 1 April 2004, generally the official receiver will not be required to provide confirmation of the date of discharge to the court as the court file should contain sufficient information to enable them to issue the certificate of discharge, without reference to the official receiver. However, if the court needs to issue an enquiry in post 1 April 2004 cases the official receiver should confirm the date of discharge. Further, where the bankrupt in question is subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order or undertaking, the official receiver should write to the bankrupt to remind him/her that discharge from bankruptcy does not remove the restrictions imposed by any bankruptcy restriction order/undertaking using form DISBR (DO73). The official receiver should also confirm to the court that this reminder has been given. - Source

You can inquire at the court where you were made bankrupt for a copy of the discharge as well. They can charge you £60 for this.

Thank you for letting me help you.


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